Mask Monday ♡ Skinfood Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask

Monday, 4 December 2017

This weeks mask is a little different to my usual facial ones in that this is one specifically for your lips. I suffer from dry lips all year round but they get considerably worse when it comes to winter time, so I've been thinking lately I need to give them a little bit more TLC than they have been getting. I've seen these about in the K-beauty community for years but for some reason never got round to buying them. But lately while I was searching for some new beauty products to try I decided to give them a go and my god I had a lot to choose from as most of the Korean brands have their own version of these masks. I opted for the Skinfood Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask because one, I absolutely love pomegranate (it's my #1 favourite fruit ever) and I feel like I haven't tried enough of Skinfood's skincare products. So it seemed ideal for me to pick these up. 

Using pomegranate extract, this mask aims to moisturise the lips and boost collagen production in the lips by preventing enzymes from breaking down the collagen. 

After cleansing and toning, apply the mask to the lips evenly and wear for 15-20 minutes. Upon removal, pat the remaining essence into the lips for extra absorption. 

Scent and Texture 
Combining floral and fruity pomegranate scents, this mask smells absolutely gorgeous and the smell manages to linger while you have it on but it's just lightly there. The mask itself is well made, thick and jelly like but not too heavy. It adheres to the lips well and I didn't have any issues with it popping off at any areas of my mouth or sliding about on my face.  As I initially worried that I would end up having to wear this mask lying down but I was able to move about freely without it budging. I've used gel masks on my face before and while they felt weird, it wasn't all to a bad experience and the same could be said for this mask as well. It feels really weird having a mask over your lips and not really being able to speak while you have it on, having to focus on breathing through your nose. Of course, I looked a bit silly with it on but luckily only my fiance was seeing me with it on. I reckon my daughter would have pulled it off me if I wore it around her. 

It's actually quite hard to describe the effects this mask had. My lips definitely felt a lot softer than they normally are. Any dry patches that I had previously on my lips seemed to go. It also allowed for lip balm to apply super smoothly and evenly. I noticed my lips didn't dry out as quickly as they may do normally so that's definitely a bonus. There was no stinging sensation and I found that it felt really refreshing on my lips as it was quite cool. Possibly a mask that in the summer time I would put in the fridge to make it nice and cool to let my mouth/mouth area cool down a bit. 

I think these are a good little addition to your skincare routine even as a little weekly thing to give your lips a boost. I think this combined with a lip scrub would give you the best effects for soft moisturised lips. 

I would definitely give these another little buy but I think before I do I want to try out some of the other brands' versions of these masks to see which one I like the most and which benefits me. 

These are definitely worth a try and seeing if they have any sort of effect on you. It's also fun to try out new and interesting skincare options and give your lips a little bit of extra luvvin'.

Have you tried any lip masks like this? Which ones and which have been your favourite?

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