Mask Time - Limited Edition Holiday Box Review | December 2017

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Subscriptions boxes are a fantastic idea, especially for the indecisive or those who enjoy a little surprise arriving at their door every one in a while. More and more lately I'm noticing there are some K-beauty related boxes making an appearance with the increased popularity of the beauty products here in the West. This personally makes me a happy little bunny as it means I have a bit of variety to choose from if I want to order some form of box. Mask Time contacted me last month to offer me their Limited Edition Holiday Box, one that contains 12 sheet masks along with a surprise gift from the owners. Today, I will be giving an overview of their service and my experience with them. I will not be reviewing the products in this post, but some may make an appearance in the future. 

Turning 26

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Twenty Six, a number that brings me closer to my thirties while I still feel like I'm approaching my twenties. I think over the years I have matured, primarily through my own experiences that I've had to go through, however, I feel like my sense of humour, my personality, my love of things still remains the same as when I was younger. Perhaps this is a good way to perceive growing up, just letting myself feel like I'm growing old and retaining all the aspects of myself that I had when I was younger. The day I turned 26 (January 10th in case ya were wondering), I got to spend with my family, which means the most to me. I'm also having a celebratory night out with some of my work friends which I'm highly looking forward to. 

A Korean Skincare Range Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Hello there first post of 2018! Hope you all had a happy new year and are working on your resolutions or you're continuing as you were. One thing I say every year is that I'm going to improve my skincare routine and actually stick to it and...well I never manage to. However, I'm actually doing well for the first week (!! amazing I know) and I'm going to share with you today the products I have been currently using. 

 I recently shared a little haul of Innisfree skincare products and one of the main focal points of my purchases was the fact that four out of five of the products were from their The Minimum skincare line, one that is made with very high percentages of natural ingredients (in the mid 90%s) and no irritants. Based on these alone, the target audience for The Minimum is of course those with sensitive skin, but it can also be ideal for those of you who want to take a slightly more naturally sourced approach to your skincare. I myself chose this due to my skin being periodically hypersensitive around about my time of the month or when I'm stressed, so I wanted to have some skincare to hand for those periods of time. I have, however, for the purpose of reviewing this line, used this consistently for the last 2 months in the evening, which I think is enough time to see how skincare can react and benefit your skin.