A Korean Skincare Range Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Hello there first post of 2018! Hope you all had a happy new year and are working on your resolutions or you're continuing as you were. One thing I say every year is that I'm going to improve my skincare routine and actually stick to it and...well I never manage to. However, I'm actually doing well for the first week (!! amazing I know) and I'm going to share with you today the products I have been currently using. 

 I recently shared a little haul of Innisfree skincare products and one of the main focal points of my purchases was the fact that four out of five of the products were from their The Minimum skincare line, one that is made with very high percentages of natural ingredients (in the mid 90%s) and no irritants. Based on these alone, the target audience for The Minimum is of course those with sensitive skin, but it can also be ideal for those of you who want to take a slightly more naturally sourced approach to your skincare. I myself chose this due to my skin being periodically hypersensitive around about my time of the month or when I'm stressed, so I wanted to have some skincare to hand for those periods of time. I have, however, for the purpose of reviewing this line, used this consistently for the last 2 months in the evening, which I think is enough time to see how skincare can react and benefit your skin.
The products I purchased were the foam cleanser (there is also the option for a gel cleanser, but this is based on preference), toner, ampoule and moisturiser. This makes up my very basic skincare routine, there are times I do about 7-8 steps but I'm usually closer to 4-5 in a usual day. On top of this I will do an oil cleanser initially to remove make up and some sort of mask whether it is a sheet, clay, wash off or sleeping mask. I do usually add serums in, but I don't actually own any at the moment. 

I chose a foam cleanser for the fact that these always feels nice and gentle on the skin during cleansing and that I don't have to put too much effort in when I am cleansing.. I find the cleanser to be quite effective and my skin does have a fresh clean look to it, but it doesn't have the artificial ~clean~ effect you get from a lot of cleansers which is actually a good thing. You are instructed to use 1-2 pumps of the product but I find 1 is enough for me and it helps me keep the product a bit longer for use. This cleanser has such a light scent to it that you can barely notice it all that much. It foams up easily with and without water being applied initially. 
This was my first experience with a spray toner and I think I'm sold on them. The ability to spray on your toner and just pat it into your skin is not only time saving, but resource saving. I actually stopped using cotton pads to apply my toner this year as I found a lot of the toner was actually being wasted into the pad. Applying by hand seemed to mean I was using more than what was necessary. However, having a little pump that tells me to spray 3-4 times on my face and give it a little pat pat is perfect. I found the toner to actually be a little bit on the hydrating side as most I have used in the past tend to be drying but this helped boost the moisture gained from the cleanser used previously. I think the lack of acidic feel that most toners tend to have made this the most pleasant toner to use, and even with hypersensitivity, it doesn't cause any adverse reactions.

Sometimes your skin needs a little extra boost and serums and ampoules are the way to do that. These usually have a specific target issue that they are formulated for, for instance you will get ones that will target hyperpigmentation, adding extra moisture, targeting acne/inflammed skin etc. This one in particular is aiming to ease redness and inflammation that may irritating your sensitive skin. It's a very light, slightly gel like texture that absorbs into the skin quickly and without any residue or stickiness. It only takes one or two pumps for you to add a cute wee boost to your skincare routine, I personally find one is enough on most days but a day my skin is particularly dry, I'll add an extra one in. 

Now the final product that I purchased from the range (the final step is sunscreen, a product I find I don't actually end up using unless its actually sunny....which is never here in Scotty Scotland). This is the moisturiser from The Minimum range. It's comes in this sleek little tube and even the applicator....thing looks nice?? I love this minty colour to the moon and back so even that tiny detail makes me happy. The thinness of it, allows for ease in control as to how much product you actually use. The moisturiser itself its incredibly gentle and light, it barely feels like you're applying it to the skin. There's no stickiness, no greasiness, it just applies to the skin and your skin will soak it all in within about 10 minutes at most. It leaves the skin feeling naturally soft and smooth. It's the perfect end to a sensitive skincare routine.

I've actually started using SkinCharisma to investigate the products I am using on my skin to learn more about the ingredients and the actual benefits of it to the skin, so this has helped me understand what I'm actually doing to my skin rather than just piling stuff on. The information from the site is that the ingredients are not harmful to the skin (while there is one ingredient in the moisturiser that can be bad for oily skin) and are unlikely to cause irritation. Meaning that it's definitely suited to those with sensitive skin that may find their skin reacts too easily with certain skincare products. They contain no alcohol, parabens or sulphates which further decreases the rate of irritation.

My own personal experience with this range was a good one but not an amazing one. This isn't down the products themselves, I think for anyone with sensitive skin that struggles to find products that don't cause irritation this is a definite range I think you should check out or at least give a try. For me, while I do have those periods of sensitivity and it does leave my skin looking fresh and feeling smooth, it just isn't enough for my skin. Especially as I have been struggling through the freezing Scottish winter we are still kind of in, with lots of snow, strong winds and the like. That combined with the fact I suffer from redness, scars, acne and dryness in the winter, my skin needs a lot more of a boost to actually be at its best. 

Due to the fact that these products are easy to use and are absorbed quickly, I will be switching some of these products over to my morning skincare routine while I try and formulate a routine for my evening that really gives my skin what it needs. 

I guess the best audience for this range is those that have sensitive skin but fairly normal skin (meaning without too many other issues). You could always add other products in that will help your skins extra needs otherwise. You have the gorgeous white and mint packaging, products that have little to no scent to them and a routine that takes no time at all to fit into your day.  It's also very affordable!! This whole range cost £34 roughly on eBay and if you're just a cleanser/toner/moisturiser kind of person and you want to just omit the ampoule, you'll only have to pay £24 for a whole skincare range. 

What's your current skincare routine? Would you be considering trying this range out for yourself?

I hope you're looking forward to what 2018 is going to bring to the table for kkochsongi! 

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