Turning 26

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Twenty Six, a number that brings me closer to my thirties while I still feel like I'm approaching my twenties. I think over the years I have matured, primarily through my own experiences that I've had to go through, however, I feel like my sense of humour, my personality, my love of things still remains the same as when I was younger. Perhaps this is a good way to perceive growing up, just letting myself feel like I'm growing old and retaining all the aspects of myself that I had when I was younger. The day I turned 26 (January 10th in case ya were wondering), I got to spend with my family, which means the most to me. I'm also having a celebratory night out with some of my work friends which I'm highly looking forward to. 

The morning was a day spend relaxing watching films with the little one until Stuart got up, meaning we could all start getting ready to get going out for lunch. Thanks to the car being broken we had to get two buses to get to where we were planning on eating, a minor inconvenience but still. We headed to our local Giraffe, simply because I was dying to have the Gua Bao again as it's the only place locally that serves them and I watch far too much Food Ranger and Strictly Dumpling videos that I'm constantly craving Chinese food. Authentic? Probably not. Tasty? Damn right. 

Last time we went here we got 3 tapas each, but this time we decided to get 3 tapas between us and a main meal each. For the gua bao, you get a choice of the crispy shredded duck or the chicken katsu, of course we went for both. Stuart prefers the duck while I prefer the chicken, probably down to the fact I'm not quite used to eating duck and I can only eat it if it is crispy. Both are tasty and it's the bun I was after in the first place anyway! 

I've got a real thing about dumplings just now. They're genuinely the food that's on my mind constantly lately. Got dumplings on my miiiind. So of course I had to pick dumplings out (I almost ordered extra because I didn't think these shared would be enough). 

For the main we both decided on getting burgers, something we don't tend to have at home so it's always nice to get one when we are out. Got them sweet potato fries (Sweet potatoes > regular potatoes ta). This was supposed to be a barbeque burger but I didn't get the sauce on it as I was told there was mayo in it and ya girl doesn't like mayo.

My present from Stuart was a new camera lens and I picked out a 35mm, as it seemed ideal for what I was wanting to achieve with my photos and all the photos taken for this post have been taken with it. I've got to get used to manually focusing the camera for the photos but it's not an issue (and the accidental I'M GONNA FOCUS ON THAT THING IN THE BG INSTEAD). I'm really liking how these photos came out with it and that's without tampering about with settings and the like. So I'm gonna have a lot of fun with it I reckon.

Straight after food we headed out to my mum's house just to have a chill out and to eventually have my cake when we weren't feeling so full from all that (tasty) food. Rinoa is at my mum's during day when I am working so she has a tonne of toys for her at the house, including a few new ones since she was last there. So a lot of the time was just spent watching her play to herself and keeping herself amused while showing us her toys. 

Rinoa has made her choice.

CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE. Now, I'm not really into the whole unicorn trend myself HOWEVER, I can get on board with the fact it brings a lot of pastel into the mix. Plus my mum got this unicorn cake before and it's delicious so I had to get it for myself. This is from Asda btw, it's the prettiest cake I've seen and it's tasty too. It was difficult getting a photo of it due to the lighting in the kitchen but it still shows the pretty colours. I think the cake lasted all but a few minutes and it was all gone. 

The rest of my day was spent sitting watching Friends with the Mr while tucking into a Chinese, it's my birthday I'm gonna pig out okay. Stuart's mum also came up for a little catch up and to wish me happy birthday. All in all it was a relaxed day, just what I needed and something I am more than happy with. 

I quite like having my birthday at the start of the year, I feel it kind of sets me up for the rest of the year, I don't know quite how to describe that properly. Here's to seeing what I achieve during my year of being 26. What I learn, what I fell, where I go. I had a wonderful day and thank you to those that helped me celebrate it whether it was in person, or through the lovely messages I received across my social media, I haven't replied to them all but I've been thankful for them all. 

Hope you are all well and I'll see ya in the next post!

P.s. I looked Cute today

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