A Couple of Additions to My K-Beauty Skincare Routine from A'pieu

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My skincare routine has become a little bit of a mess as of late, however, I've been trying to encourage myself back into it by buying a couple products to add into my routine as and when they fit. Of course, they both come from one of my favourite Korean beauty brands, A'pieu. I have several skin issues that I am trying to improve on and I'm hoping to find the perfect products to make sure my skin can look as good as it can. Honestly, since I've started putting a bit more focus and care into what products I use and using solely Korean skincare, I have noticed such a drastic improvement in my skin's condition, so it seems like what I'm doing is working. I only have two things to add in today, I'll eventually go through my entire daily skincare routine and what extra little treats I give it. 

A ' P I E U  N A K E D  P E E L I N G  G E L  //  C R Y S T A L 

I've been wanting to add a peeling gel into my routine for the longest time after using a few samples up, and while some of the samples I used I intended on buying, I was intrigued when I spotted this one from A'pieu. This peeling gel comes in three different strengths (from weakest to most powerful), PHA (polyhydroxy acid in the form of lactobionic acid), Coffee (coffea arabica seed powder) and Crystal (diamond and pearl powder). Out of the three I decided on the crystal one as I have a lot of acne scars I wanted to try and reduce the appearance of. I used to regularly get a microdermabrasion treatment done on my face (until I could no longer afford the £50 a month in doing so) which also uses small crystal particles to buff away the dead skin cells. So this seemed like the obvious choice.

I've only actually used this 3 times so far as it is fairly on the abrasive side, so I'm still trying to work it into my routine without it causing an issue to my skin due to it's sensitivity afterwards.

 A ' P I E U  M A D E C A S S O S I D E  C R E A M

I feel like this has become a bit of those cult items when it comes to Korean skincare. The product spawned a whole range of different versions and A'pieu introduced a larger size of the tube as well for convenience of it's fans. I had used a couple of samples of this and loved how my skin felt following it, especially as a night time cream. There are a number of benefits from madecassoside cream, including anti-inflammatory proprerties (so helpful for psoriasis sufferers) and skin reparation. So I've purchased this to try and help heal areas of my skin and also as a moisturiser. 

This is just a little ~haul~ for you guys. I'll not be sharing a full review of these products, however, when I come to do my skincare routine, I'll be letting you know my full impression on how these products react to and benefit my skin. Which of these two are you interested to find out more about? What recent products have you decided to add into your own skincare routine? 
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