K-BEAUTY RADAR // Peripera's Spring '18 Collection

Sunday, 4 March 2018

K-BEAUTY RADAR is a new feature I am adding to kkochsongi. This is where I share with you guys the newly launched lines from my favourite brands and particular ranges that catch my eye. Usually when my favourites release new lines, I'm keen to try and buy them and get at least one of each item from it, sometimes however, I don't manage to get them all and there have been times I haven't managed to get round to doing reviews of them. So, I feel this will be a good way for my readers to come to their own decisions in deciding which shades and products in ranges they would like to try. You can expect this feature to have Etude House, A'pieu, Peripera and a selection of others. 
Today I am sharing with you Peripera's new Spring collection. There are three products in this selection however, there are actually five, but two of them came as part of the winter limited edition line but were simply repacked as a permanent item. 

 I N K  S K I N  T I N T 

We will start off with the base product, the Peripera Ink Skin Tint which comes in three foundation shades and one "tone up" shade. They come in Ivory Cover, Beige Cover and Sand Cover, while the other shade is Peach Tone Up. The intention of this range is to give you milky white skin, hence the three shades available being on the light side. 
Peripera keep in line with their cute ink style bottles for the packaging, making their whole brand look very streamlined when all together. The Peach Tone Up shade is to be used either underneath any of the other shades or (if I am understanding correctly) they suggest using it with the Airy Ink Cushion they also have. 

The suggest shaking the bottle before use and lightly applying with either your hands/fingers or a puff of some description (whether this be a standard make up sponge, beauty blender or a cushion puff). As you can see here, the scale of colours available is very minimal and I think this tends to be an issue within Korean brands as a whole (and is maybe something that can be worked on). I myself am not affected as I am usually the lightest shade or sometimes the second one up. I think I myself in this range would be the Beige Cover as from the experience I had with one of their cushions is that the Ivory looks good but is just a little on the pale side for me. Combining the cover shades with the tone up shade could really create a pretty, brightened complexion. 

I N K  T H E  A I R Y  V E L V E T  ( N E W  C O L O U R S )

I'm so happy to see that they have yet again brought out a new selection of colours for this particular lip product. The original Airy Ink Velvet's were released last spring and contain a range of colours perfect for spring. Being more on the bold side, they toned them down in the Autumn with colours muted with shades of brown. With Spring around the corner yet again, they have brought out floral shades (and you bet I am buying them). These lip products have become a bit of a cult make up item among Koreans and K-beauty fans alike, and seem to be highly popular with High School students due to the ease of use and the soft look it creates on the lips. 

With this release brings the fact that the Airy line of the Ink Velvets now matches up with the original Velvet line in terms of number of shades, while the slightly less popular Cloudy range still remains at five shades, showing just how popular the formula for these lip products are. 

The part you're waiting for, the shades! We have corals, a rose, an orange and a pinky plum shade. All the colours are gorgeous and have that soft gentle shade desired for Spring time make up. My personal favourites would be the Pinkish Grapefruit (a lot of grapefruit shades in K-beauty tend to be more red-orange so this is a pretty change), and Apricot Coral. I will probably end up buying the whole set though. Which of these 5 new shades are you planning on getting your hands on? 
S U G A R  G L O W  T I N T 

This is the highlight of the whole collection for me and the product I am the most interested in trying. This is the Sugar Glow Tint, a lip product that aims to give you a glossy, shimmering finish like candy. This is an entirely new product to the Peripera brand and comes in five gorgeous shades.

The packaging is just simply adorable and remains within the ink pot style but with a little twist. This lip tint is infused with Manuka honey extract, maple syrup and Muscovado sugar to help moisturise the lips during wear.

The colours are pretty and bold, with a sheen to them. I've never been a fan of glossy lips until recently I've been toying with the idea of them, so this is where I want to get a kick start. I think Strawberry Sweet, Pink Melon and Sweet & Sour have to be my favourites. Which are yours? I've been waiting for these to pop up on the eBay sellers I buy from but they seem to be taking their time getting these up. But when I do I can guarantee I am buying at least one of these. 

So what do you think of the little collection that Peripera has given to us for Spring? Which of them are you wanting to try the most? Let me know in the comments below. 

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