Review | Etude House Fix and Fix Fixer Powder

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

This product was sent to me by Etude House as part of their 2017 Pink Bird Programme. 

Oh how late I am with getting round to reviewing this product. I received the final box in July and while I took my photos and started using the products back then, I never actually got round to writing my reviews up. So here is going to be the first in a series of three that will be uploaded over time. Today I am sharing with you the Etude House Fix and Fixer Powder. I'm not someone that has ever really used powders of this time but I know most Korean brands do have their own version of them. The intention behind them is to either be used as a primer on the skin or as a mattifying powder.

The powder comes in a simple and sleek clear bottomed pot with a white lid. Upon opening you are met with a small puff used for application. It is softer than their cushion puffs while also being smaller but slightly less ~puffy~ than their blusher puffs.

For such a simple product, I've managed to get a good number of uses out of it. As with the rest of translucent powders, the powder itself is white but after application and being blended out it isn't visible to the eye to see. It has a soft, light powdery smell and feels feathery when applied to the skin. 

 Though I know several people have used this as a primer for their make up, I usually chose to use this on days that I wasn't wearing make up but had applied skincare and didn't want my face looking shiny from the use of my skincare while I was at work. So this helped make my skin look more matte throughout the day. It found itself as a regular product when I needed to set my base make up on the warmer days to prevent my skin looking oily when I got a little bit on the hot side. One of my favourite uses though, has been to use on my fringe. I've recently started trying to wash my hair less to improve it's condition, however, I find my fringe tends to look greasy every single day during this process, so using a little pat pat on my fringe allows for my hair to remain looking fresh for that day.

I do really enjoy the feeling this products gives my skin when it's used as a setting powder and it helps make my make up last all that little bit longer. The size of the packaging makes it great for keeping in your bag for any emergencies such as your forehead getting a bit sweaty in the heat and reducing oil on your face. 

This kind of product probably isn't ideal for those with dry skin as it could probably heighten that, but if you have normal, oily or perhaps combination skin this would be the product for you. While I have a few other powders to work my way through, when I have used them completely, this seems to be one that I may make a purchase of when the time comes. 

It's a product that does as it says along with multiple uses, comes in cute yet simple packaging and leaves your skin feeling like velvet.

Have you tried this product yet? Or what are your favourite setting powders?

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