Pony Effect Mini Haul

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

I absolutely adore Pony, when I started to get into K-beauty I always looked to her blog for ideas that I never actually put into practice as I didn't really venture much past eyeliner for eye make up. So, when she originally released her line with memebox I was gutted that it would only ship within the US (and if I remember correctly, Korea as well). But when she eventually came out with Pony Effect that was more widely available in comparison I kept lusting over the products, desperate to try them. They were a little out of my price range (I'm stingy okay) but earlier this year I noticed that Yesstyle had Pony Effect on sale. So I had to buy some!

Post contains affiliate links, however products purchased myself.

I MEAN LOOK AT HER!! How could you not want to own make up she's responsible for?

I only ended up picking up two products from her line (as I needed some skincare too) but trying these out have definitely made me want to get more in the near future.

One of the key factors of the packaging of Pony Effect's make up is the fact that it's very sleek and modern looking. Usually combining rose gold with either black or on the odd occasion, white. making for very minimalist products to be added to your make up collection


This was the one product that I fell in love with when I saw it. I love pastel colours and wanted to get my hands on some more make up that would help me create more looks. A varied selection of gorgeous pastel shades in primarily shimmery textures (and ya know I'm a shimmer gal). The colours that actually caught my eye the most were the purple, blue and green, despite these being colours I don't wear at all. However, since buying this it's caused me to experiment a lot more with colour. There is also a brown and a grey to help round up the colours together.


So, finding which colour I was going to buy was a little struggle as I'm always so drawn to coral shades, I tried to avoid doing that when I picked one from Pony. I opted for Romantic Breath, a very soft MLBB pink shade. I wanted something natural to wear for any days that I want to look a little bit fresher rather than it being obvious I have make up on. I 100% want to buying all of these simply because it smells of watermelon?? aka the best scent out of any fruity scent. There are also a bunch of gorgeous reds available and ya know your girl suits red. 

That's it from my little Pony Effect Haul, just two products to give me a little taste of the brand and whether or not I want to buy more. So far, with my uses of these products I've been really satisfied (I can do reviews if people would like!) and want to grab a lot more. What products have you tried from Pony Effect?

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Ann said...

i really need pony effect in my life . i always adore her tutorial as well! the only one =pony related makeup product was memebox eyeshadow who did collab with her but still it is nothing to compare with her own brand, pony effect :)