Review | Missha Satin Blusher Italprism - Rose Boutique

Friday, 11 May 2018

Blusher is one of these products I use daily but don't actually go crazy buying a tonne of. I have one pink, one coral and one red and I just use whichever one I feel appropriate for the rest of my make up. However, I couldn't help but fall a bit in love when I saw the Missha Satin Blushers from their Italprism range. It comes in four different shades: Pink Village, Peach Avenue, Rose Boutique and Touch of Light (a highlighter). I uhmmed and aahhed over which of the shades I wanted but I decided to go for a nice bright rose colour to potentially add to my collection for summertime. 


The packaging of this whole range is probably the peak of Missha's designs (I feel sometimes their make up, which it excels in performance, sometimes the product packaging falls a little flat). Giving an overall very glam feeling with the rose gold packaging combined with sleek black. It's also combined with the actual blush itself having an interesting and varied design built into the pan. The pattern gives the impression of fabrics tied together, adding moreso to a little bit more of a luxe look. It comes in a little black box with rose gold lettering and decorations on it. 

The base of the packaging is purely rose gold and features the standard product information.

 T E X T U R E 

The blusher itself has a very smooth powdery texture to it and the pigmentation picks up well both on my finger and on brushes. I find the formula picks up a lot better on slightly harder make up brushes, but for a more gentle blush, using a softer bristled brush would give you what you needed. 

This is a very bold pink colour compared to ones that I would normally use, however, I find it gives a beautiful flush of bright colour to the face. Giving me a more energetic and warm feel to my face. The pigmentation in this I've been using this regularly for the last few months and I have only needed to use a little bit of product at a time. The indentations on the product haven't worn down even slightly, so I know this is going to last me a good bit of time. If you're into Igari and/or kira kira make up (both Japanese make up trends that were highly popularised within the Korean beauty community and among Korean celebrities) it would probably be the ideal colour to help create these looks. On myself personally, I apply this to the highs of my cheeks and leave it at that. 

 O V E R A L L 

I really like this blush and I am so glad I added it into my make up collection. It's a little higher in price than what I normally pay for my make up, but I feel it's a price that it's worth paying for. I'm interested in trying out the other two shades (especially the Peach Avenue one as I don't really have a ~peach~ shade and end up using lip tints instead) and I want to give the highlighter a go too as Korean highlighters get a bit of a bad rep, but I've heard it's similar in style with Western ones, so a bit more on the WOW GLOW side of things. 

What do you think of this pretty wee blush?

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