Let's Go #GlowSetter! With Mask Time

Thursday, 23 August 2018

During the summer time, you'll want to free your skin a lot more and let it breathe in some of the warm summer air. Sometimes giving your skin a little break from the likes of make up from time to time can help keep it looking clear and fresh and Mask Time is back again with their July Glow Setter box this summer. The masks in this box aim to deeply cleanse, firm and help you get your summer glow on. I was generously gifted this box by Mask Time to let you guys know what comes in this mask packed box. So let's get on with it!

One thing I have to say about Mask Time is that their boxes are always so neatly and gorgeously packaged. A lot of care is definitely shown in how everything is presented! Their signature box is opened and you're shown their own personalised tissue paper gently hugging the masks and sealed. 

As always with Mask Time's boxes, you are given a little information booklet. Inside this, you're given all the information you need about every single mask. Whether it's the benefits of some of the key ingredients, if there are also any alternative methods of application compared to the usual 15-20 minutes that most masks require. This is especially handy for those unable to read Korean, or like myself, can read Korean but aren't fluent enough to fully grasp all of the instructions without some help. 

This makes deciding which mask to use each day to get the most benefits out of them a whole lot easier rather than grabbing one randomly.

What's even more impressive is the fact that there are 10 masks in total in the box! Which is one of the largest amounts I've seen in a subscription type box, at least within the UK. One of the masks that comes in the 

1. FG BEAUTY - Stewardess Mask Pack Business Class
2. NO:HJ - 24K Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen
3. DOUBLE & ZERO - Double Effect Foot Peeling Mask
4. FRIENVITA - Aqua Sponge Ampoule Pack / Sensitive

It may be surprising if you don't know me well, but out of this four I'm most excited to try out the foot peeling mask! I'm someone who gets a lot of enjoyment out of peeling things. I was that kid in art class that used to cover their hands in PVA glue just to peel it off. So I'm most anticipating using said mask to see how much of it peels off my feet and how they look and feel afterwards. I've always wanted to try this type of mask but just never found myself getting round to getting one. 

1. NO:HJ - Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask
2. 77 Days - Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask
3. SEINE K-II - Moisturise to Shine Mask

There are two multi-step masks here. I've only seen a few of them but they seem to be ideal for taking away with you while travelling as you don't need to take a whole heap of products with you. I've also not yet used a bubbling sheet mask, so I'm quite interested in all three of these masks in all honesty.

Now onto our slightly larger masks given in the box!

1. LINDSAY - Seok Go Contouring Mask Gold
2. ENTIA - Essence Gel Modelling Pack - Lifting/Hydrating
3. URBAN DOLLKISS - Urban City Carbonated Bubble Gold Clay Mask

So the first two are masks that you mix different components together to make the mask before applying. I've had one or two with a similar concept but I'm still very intrigued in using them. And we have the viral bubble mask type here too. I've actually tried this out after I took the photos for this post and loved it! 

I think one of the best things about this box is that all the brands featured are lesser known and ones that I have yet to actually use before. So this is giving me new experiences of new brands that lets me discover more to go and purchase masks from. 

You can buy the July Glow Setter box from Mask Time for £29.95. If you're new to sheet masks and just want a little taste for some masks to try out, you can also buy the Glow Starter set for £12.95 which contains 5 masks instead. These both include free shipping if you are based in Mainland UK. Considering the overall RRP for this box is £64.97, I think £29.95 for this box is a fantastic deal.

Having received a number of boxes from Mask Time myself (though admittedly they were gifted), I guarantee they are worth trying out even once to add a selection of sheet masks to your selection or you're intimated and not sure exactly where to start when looking through the massive amount that are on the market.

Now, my sheet mask drawer is getting a bit full, time to get some masking done!

Let me know which mask you're most interested in finding out about!

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