REVIEW // eyenlip Black Snail All-in-One Cream

Monday, 17 September 2018

Moisturising your skin is such an important thing, no matter what season it's best to keep moisture locked in for supple, soft skin. It not only feels better but also ends up being a better base for applying makeup too. Snail mucus is one of those famed Korean skincare ingredients that everyone chooses to mention. It comes across as a ~quirky~ ingredient but is actually something that can be so beneficial to the skin. It's particularly great for its anti ageing benefits. Something that I've only just started to begin looking into with my skincare as I am on the latter half of my 20s now. 

This post is in part of a series of posts about eyenlip where I have received a variety of products to try out and in return, review here on my blog for my readers to discover. All opinions are my own, however.

A B O U T  E Y E N L I P

Eyenlip was launched in 2017 by the founders of beautynetkorea, a stockist and seller of a large variety of Korean beauty brands. They also have their own eBay page where they sell the same items under the username f2plus1 (which is one of my most used and trusted stores on the site). Over the past year or so the brand coming to be, they have been gradually building their repertoire of skincare and makeup products. With the aim of making their products affordable and easily accessible, targeting a number of different concerns.

Of course, while testing this Black Snail All-in-One Cream from eyenlip, I'm not going to see the full anti ageing effects as I'm lucky enough to not have any wrinkles as of yet. However, I'm able to give a general impression of this moisturiser and how it has benefited my own skin.  

Not surprisingly, as a product that has snail mucus in it, the cream itself has a stickiness to it. While taking it out of the tub you will notice it's a little stringy as it's moved about. However, this stickiness doesn't last when applied onto the skin. It's a very lightweight and gentle moisturiser that manages to help my skin overall feel a lot less dehydrated. A little goes a long way and you only need to use a small amount to make sure that your entire face benefits. Because of this, I found it to be a very useful morning moisturiser as it absorbed into my skin within a few minutes, leaving me with smooth skin, ready to apply my make up base. There's nothing worse than using a morning moisturiser and your skin still feels heavy and clogged with moisturiser before having to then apply makeup afterwards. 

I also ended up using this as a primary neck moisturiser. Since this is an area where ageing is supposed to show first, it has helped me keep the skin on my neck protected and hydrated. 

Overall, I've felt quite impressed with this little moisturiser and with a lot in the pot and being less than £5 in price, it's worth trying out at the very least. I would definitely consider repurchasing this if I was in a pinch with money and needed a good quality moisturiser. As with all the eyenlip products, this can be purchased at BeautyNetKorea

Eyenlip also has a set of mini moisturisers from their line, giving you a chance to try out the different ones they have available and see which is most suitable for your skin before dedicating yourself to the full thing. 

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