REVIEW // eyenlip Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum + Overall Brand Impression

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

When moving on from the typical cleanse-tone-moisturise skincare routine, one of the first things that became an addition for me was a serum. They're typically great little powerhouses that you can select and choose what is going to benefit your skin the most and what problems you have. This Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum aims to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing, whiten the skin and help stimulate collagen production. For aspects such as anti-ageing, it's almost impossible for me to test as I don't have any visible wrinkles yet. So I will be reviewing this purely on how it makes my skin feel and look after use. 

This post is in part of a series of posts about eyenlip where I have received I variety of products to try out and in return, review here on my blog for my readers to discover. All opinions are my own, however.

A B O U T   E Y E N L I P 

Eyenlip was launched in 2017 by the founders of beautynetkorea, a stockist and seller of a large variety of Korean beauty brands. They also have their own eBay page where they sell the same items under the username f2plus1 (which is one of my most used and trusted stores on the site). Over the past year or so the brand coming to be, they have been gradually building their repertoire of skincare and makeup products. With the aim of making their products affordable and easily accessible, targeting a number of different concerns.

One of my primary concerns when I first used this product was that it was going to have a hint of a fishy scent due to the fact that it contains salmon oil. Even one of my friends who wanted to have a try of it worried about this. However, the serum has a very delicate floral scent to it. Which, of course, was a pleasant surprise. A lot of serums I use tend to be very thin and water-like, but this one comes in a slight gel type form. This allows it to absorb into the skin almost immediately after application and didn't leave any kind of sticky residue. It also applies very smoothly.

Because of this, this serum has become a very regular part of my morning routine. Making it quick and easy for me to get my skincare done and not have to worry about letting layers dry a bit so I can go onto the next so I can get my make up on for the day. My skin feels soft and moisturised after each and every use and I feel like it has helped contribute to some of my scarring on my face reducing in appearance. 

I love the packaging of this product, it's a large bottle of the serum for one thing (aka. more product!) and the simple and sleek gold packaging is gorgeous too.

I would recommend this if you're looking to add serums into your daytime routine and want something that will help make that quick for you. I think this is a possible repurchase from me as I do like how it makes my skin feel! It's also relatively affordable at just under £10! It can be purchased here from BeautyNetKorea.

My Overall Impression of Eyenlip

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I thought I would take some time to speak about my overall first impression of the brand. I have enjoyed using the products received a lot and appreciate the sheer amount I was given. While some of the products may not be my absolute favourite over others, they are still really good, working products that do as they claim. I think if you're looking into more affordable options when it comes to K-beauty, it might be worth trying them out as their products are so affordable and do work for that price. 

There are a few products that they have I'm quite interested in trying such as the rest of the calamansi range as I loved the sheet mask so much and I'm interested to see how the rest of the range performs. I would definitely be repurchasing the Calamansi Sheet Masks, the aloe vera gel and quite possibly this serum.

Would you be interested in giving eyenlip a try? Let me know below!

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