For Sheet Mask Newcomers // Mask Time's Glow Starter

Monday, 22 October 2018

Diving into the world of sheet masks can be an extremely daunting thing. There's so many that it can be hard to find where to actually begin. I've worked with Mask Time a few times to share with you their boxes, usually featuring about 10 or so sheet masks for you try out and treat your skin to. However, if you're not 100% sure on whether or not sheet masks are going to be your thing and don't know what brands you want to use, they also have smaller boxes containing 4-5 masks for you to begin your journey.

This box was sent to be my Mask Time. 

This box, in particular, was August's box, so with summer coming to an end, elements of summer remain in the mask to keep giving you that summer glow. The goal of the box is to give you masks that help treat acne, reduce pigmentation and moisturise the skin. So what are the four masks included?

A'pieu Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask // Watermelon

I've actually reviewed this mask before when I purchased it myself and its one that I absolutely love so was super happy to find it in this box! This mask in particular aims to exfoliate and promote the regeneration of skin cells while soothing and moisturising the skin, leaving you with that famous 촉촉 appearance! Plus it has that super strong scent of watermelon that I adore (plus you know I A D O R E A'pieu).

Dr. Plus Banana Milk Mask

Who else loves banana milkshake? I know I do, it's probably my second favourite next to white chocolate! This is one I'm excited to use as I love the scent of bananas and this mask hopes to help you with acne, moisture levels in the skin and if you're lucky enough to still have the sun with you to be able to cause sunburn (not here, that's for sure!) then this should hopefully be the one for you!

AooL Pore & Spot Care Mask

This is another mask that I have reviewed albeit more recently. Breakouts happen, usually due to hormones and some underlying skin conditions. Acne has been something I've suffered from since I was 9, while I have had treatment in the past through medication that took the bulk away, I still get hormonal breakouts and that's where this came in handy to help me reduce the redness of the spots that had decided to make an appearance. I mentioned in the review but AooL actually goes by ShionLe now (modelled by the boys of Astro!)

Proud Mary Cereal Pore Mask Pack

This the final box in our box is one that seems packed with a bunch of different benefits including anti-aging, skin texture improvement, tightening pores, skin cooling, balancing oils, bacteria fighting, wound healing and breakout preventing!! That's a lot of things this mask wants to do for you. So, here's hoping that it matches up to that when I get around to testing it out!

So this post is to simply introduce to you some of the masks that you can get from Mask Time in their Glow Starter box. Obviously, this changes each month but more often than not, you're able to still purchase the boxes at a later point in time while also purchasing them singularly if necessary. You can actually still purchase this exact box from Mask Time for £12.95 if these are the exact masks you want to give a try. Having tried half the box already I can vouch for their choices that they pop into the boxes and I'm always excited to see what combinations appear each time.

If you were to make your own box of masks for people to try, which ones would you put in and why?