A Pink Moment with Peripera

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Peripera was a brand I only dabbled in last year, but they have quickly become one of my all time K-beauty brands. The standout point for me when it comes to Peripera is their lip products, for the affordability, the products perform amazingly and their colours available are simply gorgeous. They recently released their Autumn collection called Pink Moment, with gorgeous pink scrapbook style packaging and products with some form of pink or coral undertone. I decided to grab a few products from the range, every type apart from the eyeshadow palette because it wasn't easily available at the time of me getting this range. So, today I am going to share with you my little haul of goodies.


Of course, the key selling point of the range was the lip products, they sold products in both their original Velvet formula and their newer Gelato one. As I had never tried the newer formula I had to grab a few of these while I could. I chose the shades #8 Black Tea With Milk, #9 Peach Pink and #10 Cherry Cinnamon. My reason for choosing these particular shades was the fact that these seemed to be the ones with the slightly warmer undertones to them.

While they might look pretty similar in the swatches, they definitely have their own unique undertone and even though they look quite dark on my hand, the colours are very muted when applied to the lips. Black Tea with Milk is definitely an orange beige, while Peach Pink is a peachy beige and cherry cinnamon is a brighter pink beige. The colours work well for simple autumn looks or even just to give your face a little colour to it.

My experience with this formula has been great so far, it's non-drying and is kind of like a combination of a lip tint and lipgloss, probably quite close to the Airy Ink Velvets, but with a less ~airy~ finish to it. It's non-sticky and smells really gorgeous too! Definitely worth a try even if you're not able to grab a hold of these particular shades due to this being a limited edition collection.


I've only ever used Peripera's base products and their lip products, so trying a blush from them was a new thing for me completely. I wanted a warm colour that could be used with most colour schemes and also not be too bright. So this rose colour seemed ideal for what I wanted.

Alright, I'm not someone who wants to gush too much about how much I adore something but this is now my favourite blush formula. It glides onto the skin like velvet, feels like velvet on the skin and doesn't streak. It melts into the skin leaving a pretty, natural-looking flush.

I'm 100% going to be buying more of this product in different shades, one of each colour I wear!


Cushions are another product I love from Peripera. Moderate coverage for a decent price. I've previously had the Mint Cushion, which had a yellow undertone to it and I knew the Ivory shade suited me well in the winter (I'm a ghost) so I went for the Ivory again (I'm Beige in the summer but I could have probably gotten away with the Sand shade at the peak of my tan) One thing I have been told about the Pink Cushion is that it has a slightly cooler undertone as the tones are pink. I feel like it's quite minimal and rather than being a full-on cool-toned base, it's more of a brightening one. The design of the cushion as a whole is adorable, the pink case combined with the stylised cushion puff is just all over gorgeous.

This cushions coverage I would say is medium, but you can build it up in areas that you feel you need to. I don't like wearing full coverage anyway as I feel it just looks too cakey on my skin. So this works well for me.


I'm usually just a plain black mascara kind of person. Usually, because I mostly wear black eyeliner. However, the idea of a pink-tinted brown was intriguing to me so I had to grab one to give it a try. I had also heard some great things about Peripera's mascaras too.

I've honestly not used this as much as I would like to as I only wear it on days where I'm not wearing any eyeliner. However, I find the colour to be nice and subtle and the mascara itself helps add some length and a little volume to the lashes.

This whole range is absolutely beautiful, the packaging catches the eye so much and will allow for you beauty bloggers to get creative with your blog photos to fit in with it. Not only that, but the products perform extremely well. You all know how much I love my Peripera and will continue to keep purchasing their products. Have you tried this range? What are your favourite Peripera products or ones you would like to try the most?