2019 Goals

Monday, 14 January 2019

I know we are already a few weeks into 2019, but I always find the first two weeks a bit of a bumpy step to make a start to any changes as I have things like my birthday and such so close to the start of the year that I tend to look to aim towards my goals after that. I know some people see a new year as nothing different, however, I always think it's nice to plan ahead and think of what things you want to achieve and do. So, I've spent some time over the last few weeks coming up with some things that I want to look back on the year and say I have managed to succeed with. 2018 was a year where I met absolutely none of my goals and in some cases, got even further away from those goals as the year went on. I had a very stressful first half to the year and I seemed to not be able to get myself out of habits and mindset during that time, so I'm hoping 2019 will be different.
Prior to my weight gain
Eat Healthier, Get Fitter, Lose Weight, Improve My Relationship With Food
This one is first and it's probably the most common one you see from people. This was actually one of the 2018 goals that I fell very far from. I ended up gaining about 16kg (about 2.5 stone), became very unfit and my relationship with food got worse to the point I just let it be a constant comfort and boredom killer. I intend on allowing myself unconditional permission to all foods while focusing primarily on eating more nutrient-dense foods and lessening my intake of nutrient sparse ones. That side of things is probably going to be the hardest part of this goal, but I'm determined to pull myself through it. This combined with exercising, focusing on strength training, jogging (when it's at least somewhat warm) and short HIIT workouts, I'm hoping to improve my overall fitness, stamina and body strength. I'm lucky that I'm the type that manages to build muscle easily, I just need to make sure the effort is there. I want to lose the 16kg I gained last year at the minimum, but I would like to lose an additional 7-10kg, however, I won't be giving myself a big push to do that and will let that come in its own time. However, I may find myself happy and comfortable at a completely different weight so I won't make this the only deciding factor in everything.

I always feel like I need to justify my reasons for wanting to lose weight, especially since last year I saw a lot of posts and threads about how wanting to lose weight is fatphobic or at least showcases some form of internalised fatphobia (though I'm not denying that these are issues that do exist). I do want to lose weight for aesthetic, I like my body the most when I look a certain way and I know that my body usually looks that way when I put effort into looking after my body, which I feel like is my own form of body positivity. It's something that makes me feel happy and therefore positive in myself, something that I've severely lacked over this past year.
Study Korean Again
I began teaching myself Korean in 2010, putting a big focus on it in 2011-2012 where I got to a point I could have simple, basic conversations and I could translate some things here and there with a little help from the naver dictionary extension. I haven't properly studied it since then (apart from the odd time on Duolingo) and my Korean has gotten terrible. I can still understand the alphabet fully and know a lot of words and some grammar aspects but I can't write or speak it anymore properly, I'm lucky if I can translate stuff anymore. I don't have a massive amount of time to study this due to me working, being a parent, blogging and my other hobbies. But I would like to spend maybe an hour a week dedicated to studying it and getting to grips with it again. Being able to understand Korean meant that I was able to become friends with a Japanese girl back in 2012 who didn't speak any English but was well versed in Korean so we could converse with each other, so it had its benefits.

Plus, Stuart would like us to take a trip there (since he knew I was going to move there for a year but aspects of life got in the way) and it will be better for us getting about if I can actually converse and not just expect everyone to speak in English.

Take More Photos
Whether artsy, more stylistic or just photos of family and times that make me happy. I have a moderately expensive camera (£480 including the lens) and I need to put it to more use than just taking my blog photos. I'm someone who usually likes taking photos at events and when I'm spending time with people, I like to preserve happy memories. However, whenever I was doing things with some people, they would point out that I was doing this and spoke as if it was something weird or bad, so I ended up subconsciously holding back on what photos I was taking. So, I'm not going to allow that to bother me now and just continue to freely take all the photos I want and even try and improve my photography in some way. This will also require a lot more time, which will hopefully help with my overall productivity.

Go Out + Do More
I've been a bit of a hermit all my life and was never really someone that went out very much. I got especially bad for this last year when I wasn't working and I just never did anything and stayed in the house all the time. So, I hope on my days off and time before work, that I can spend that time going outdoors and going and doing more exciting things than sitting about doing nothing. This means Rinoa gets to experience more things and gets to go and see more places. I do feel guilty that over the past year, especially as she's nearly 3 now, I haven't taken her out to do more things due to my own lack of motivation to do anything. I always complain that life is boring, but I don't do anything to make it exciting, so this is something I want to do and something I will put the effort into.

As part of this, I am also planning to go to Belgium in the summer to see my dearest friend Kaye (maybe my wee Swede too) This will be Rinoa's first time abroad and also my first time going outside the UK to anywhere that isn't Majorca. I've been wanting to go to Belgium since 2013 and so many factors got in the way so I will do it this year! Hopefully, we will be able to go abroad at least once a year or two years at the minimum as I want to see more of the world and experience different food and cultures.
Be More Organised
I feel like sometimes when you grow up with parents that behave or act a certain way, you either end up replicating them or becoming the opposite of them. I'm the latter when it comes to my mum. My mum has always been a very clean, tidy, organised person and her idea of clean is miles beyond what most people's is. I'm not the tidiest person in the world and I find things get unorganised very quickly. I do make attempts but they usually fall flat. As my mum says to me, I have very good intentions to be organised but don't really end up putting things into practice. So this year, I hope to make a change to that and get my house in a state where it's organised, everything has a place and it's super easy to clean and keep tidy without having to do a full gut out all the time of stuff I don't need.
Finish More Games
I have a massive backlog, and I know if you speak to most gamers they will tell you the same thing. I'm so bad for getting a game, starting it, maybe doing the first part or getting halfway through but just not finishing it. I want to finish 1-2 games a month if I can manage more than that, great. However, I know with how busy I am, I can't expect too much. I've already got my games planned for finishing for January and February so I will see how I progress with them and what games I actually complete this year (I promise I will do a look back on the year of games for me when the year ends!). Though, with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out this month, I doubt I'm going to be playing much more than that for a good while!

Work More on My Blog
My blog is my little place of pride. While I may not have the best, most amazing or successful blog in the world, I've felt nothing but pride for it. I have met some amazing people during my time of blogging and I've had some amazing opportunities with brands and stores that have given me the chance to try new products and share them with you guys. I hope that this year I can spend time improving my content further, making it something more insightful than just reviews (as much as I love doing them). I want to help those that want to get more into skincare find products that may help them, with the majority being affordable. I've grown up with severe cystic acne and I've been left with the scars from it, so I'm constantly working to improve my skin's overall appearance despite what my genetics have done to damage my skin growing up. Skincare and makeup is self-care for me and I want to improve in both areas.

I also want to do more creative projects when it comes to kkochsongi, make things a little more interesting for people to read and look at.
Start Youtube (?)  
This is a maybe, I've thought about this a lot over the last two years and it's something I want to start and do for some fun. Sharing different things with everyone and sharing my experiences with products (I find things such as foundation/BB creams etc are easier to showcase in video form). Even if I just upload one video this year, I'll be happy and I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself for this but I know it's something I want to do and a few of my friends would like to see me doing. Though I don't think my awful Scottish accent will make for the most enjoyable of listening we will see.
Save Money
Stuart and I have been living in this small flat for the majority of our relationship and while it is a nice little home, it's too small for all the things the two of us and Rinoa have. It just feels a bit cramped and we could do with a bigger living space and ideally, somewhere with a garden so Rinoa can spend more time outdoors. On top of getting a new house, we would also like to have our wedding finally, since we have been engaged for 3 years now. We initially thought we would end up getting married in 2020, but due to not exactly having the most money behind us, we might have to wait a bit longer for it.

I have a few other smaller things I would like to achieve but these are ones that I'll not be putting too much of a focus on since I feel the others are the most important to me.
  • Learn more recipes from scratch and cook more
  • Get better at replying to people (this is important but I'm also a busy person so it can't be helped at times)
  • Take up a new hobby of some sort
  • Find a style that works best for me in both makeup and fashion
  • Continue to work at my current job but try to constantly improve my work 
  • Stress less
That's all from me, though it may be a lot, I feel confident that I can at least achieve a few things on this list with some effort and determination. Let me know in the comments what goals you hope to achieve this year or just in general!