Mask Monday // Holika Holika Essence Jelly Mask - Sweet Peko Edition // Strawberry

Monday, 25 February 2019

Mask Monday is back (finally)! 

My little weekly feature where I share with you all some of the masks I have tried whether it be sheet mask, was off mask, peel off, hair mask or whatever kind of mask I get my hands on! Though, let's be honest, 99% of them tend to be sheet masks! Today's one is a super cute one
The sheet mask featured in this post was gifted to me by Mask Time in one of the monthly boxes. 

Holika Holika Essence Jelly Mask - Sweet Peko Edition // Strawberry

I've yet to use a product from Holika Holika before but I've heard a mixture of opinions when it comes to both their skincare and makeup. So, a good place to start might be with their skincare and sheet masks are usually the most affordable aspect of a brand's skincare range. Last year, Holikax2 did a collaboration with Fujiya Milky Candy and their mascot Peko for a range of adorably packaged products. The brand itself is highly popular in Japan and I've actually tried the Matcha version of the sweets and loved them (thanks Ellis!!). So this collab appealed to both fans of the brand and those who enjoy collecting adorable packaging. I highly appreciate how the actual packet looks like the sweet bags!

Scent & Essence // THIS DID NOT SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRIES!!! Which disappointed me greatly. Being infused with strawberry extract, I was hoping for a strawberry scent, however, it ended up being more citrus/slightly herbal (?) which was a little disappointing. There is a TONNE of the essence in this package though, there's definitely enough to either keep the excess in a pot to use for a few days or apply on your body. It has a water jelly type texture, which is quite refreshing and gives the impression it's going to be very moisturising.

Fit & Material // As with a lot of novelty character masks, this mask has Peko-chan's face making up the design of the entire mask. A little creepy, sure. But cute all the same. Though my daughter ended up finding it a bit scary on me. It was a little big for my face particularly the bottom half of it, so I had to do a lot of pulling about to make it sit and fit onto my face properly. The actual mask itself is quite thick and sturdy and feels woven.

Overall // I used this for 20 minutes following a double cleanse and tone. 
Initially, my skin appeared brighter and thoroughly moisturised. It felt supple and overall just felt really soft. The mask left a lot of essence on my face so I had to massage it in for a little bit to make sure my skin just didn't have a thick layer sitting on the skin and so that it could be absorbed faster. There was a little stickiness left afterwards that took maybe half an hour or so to go away, but this isn't too much of a big issue because it wasn't dramatically sticky. This was generally a very well performing mask, doing as it says and doing it well.

Repurchase? Since this was limited edition, I know this won't be around for all too long, so I may buy one or two more but I'm probably going to go ahead and try some of Holika Holika's other sheet masks along with their make up.

Let me know your mask of the week!