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It's Been a While

Hey everyone! ♡

How are we all doing? It's been about a year since I wrote a blog post properly and I did intend on writing a big long post explaining the details of why I hadn't blogged for so long. I had written and deleted and written and deleted so many posts trying to talk about it. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't actually necessary for me to have to explain myself. But to put it in very basic terms, I had a very bad year with my mental health but now I'm in a better place and want to get back to using this blog that I spent so much time and love on and utilise it again as an outlet for me to share my love for all things beauty again. 

I think during the whole lockdown situation that we have going on currently in the world, I think this will serve as a good distraction for me and a way for me to be doing something that makes me feel productive and proud. So, this very short post is just to let you guys know I am back. I'm not setting any kind of schedule really to follow, I just want to post at my own pace and post what I like. It may be difficult for me to post about new lines and such as I used to, purely for the fact that I buy most of my stuff direct from Korea and it seems to be that they've put a freeze on some international shipping. As I've already purchased stuff over a month ago and it actually still hasn't left Korea yet. So we will see over time what I'll actually be able to post and share with you.

I plan, to get me started, to do my Mask Monday series again, as this is an easy way to help me start getting used to posting content again with little stress. Then I'll take things from there.

I just hope you're all keeping yourself physically and mentally safe during this very uncertain and challenging time. Just make sure to keep yourself a priority and do what's best for you just now. 

love, mina x


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