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Life Lately #1

I'm currently in my 6th week of lockdown/isolation, it's been a very strange time for everyone I think. But I've been doing my best lately to try and use the time as best as I can. So, I may not have been the most productive so far, I've more than certainly had days I've done absolutely nothing but sit around the house. But I allow myself those days as reset days for myself.

I actually had to go into isolation before the lockdown even came into place as my daughter and her dad both had symptoms of the virus so I had to isolate too as my daughter obviously lives with me. So, for the week of their symptoms, my daughter stayed with her dad for the week and this was honestly the most stressful out of the weeks. Purely because I was told I can't work and I wasn't sure if I was still going to be paid for not being in. Luckily, it ended up being that I did get paid, which took a lot of stress off my mind. But for that whole week, I was so worried about having money to keep me and my daughter going. We've now been made classed as furloughed workers, which means we still have our jobs and have a workplace but we are not able to work during this pandemic.

I've actually been missing being at work as much as there are days I can't really be bothered with it. I miss being able to have a laugh and annoy my co-workers and speak and get to know customers, what they're up to and the like. Plus it's something that keeps me a bit busy during my days. Because I work in a restaurant, it looks like we are going to be some of the last places to reopen after all of this, so it looks like I could be home for a very long time at this rate. So I need to try and find focus in other aspects of my life at the moment.

As well, my daughter's dad and I co-parent and we have worked out that 4 days each at a time works well for us. It means she's not stuck in the same place the whole time, means our food supplies don't run out quickly and also means it's easier for myself to get out to the shops and get food and such in, as I don't want to have to take her in with me as she doesn't quite understand the concept of social distancing and such. It works well for us and makes lockdown a lot less stressful for both households.

So what exactly have I been doing with my time then? 

Gaming. A fair bit of it if I'll be honest here. I find most of the time I don't actually get much time to sit and fully enjoy games. So this has been a good time for me to find myself get fully stuck into one. I've mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I've sunk about 80 hours into both games combined, which isn't too bad. I tend to play Animal Crossing more as I find it quite relaxing to just sit and pick up fruit, weeds, flowers etc. It's been really enjoyable, but I am getting a bit annoyed with myself as I don't like how my island is looking, but I know with some time and effort I'll get it looking exactly how I want it to! Currently, my villager looks like Aerith, so I'm trying to get a hold of some lilies to try and replicate her garden.

My island is called Shushua and if you know me very well, you will understand where I got that name from.

Honestly, FFVIIR has been one of my most hyped games since that first trailer back in 2015. I'm still quite in shock that it's actually something I can physically play now and it has been nothing but a joy. To see my first Final Fantasy game full of such character, beauty and depth is something I've been taking my time to really fully enjoy. The new versions of some of the original soundtrack are beyond amazing and if you appreciate game OSTs, you will definitely love this.

Here are a few of my favourites, but to be honest, the entire soundtrack slaps. Hollow Skies is my #1 though, I listen to it so much on the daily. 

I've actually not gotten round to finishing it yet, purely because I got so emotional at the last chapters I did (12+13 for context) that I'm taking my time going through it. I will probably get it done within the next few weeks though and aim for the platinum. I really can't wait to get the rest of the parts whenever they decide to make an appearance. I'm also not rushing because I don't have much in the way of games to look forward to at the moment and I waited so long for this one I don't want it gone as quick as possible. 

The only other game I'm looking forward to is NieR Replicant 1.5, which is a remake of NieR but we will actually get to play as the younger version of him. Since in the west we just got Papa Nier and not Brother Nier. But, there's no date or that announced yet, so that will be something I'll be hyped about dropping when it does. 

Now for a little bit more a serious topic in regards to this post. For the first few weeks of lockdown, I really struggled with my mental health and trying to find the motivation and energy to get up and get going with things. I would comfort eat, I would not exercise, I would sit about as much as I could and just really not take good care of myself. The last two weeks, however, I've been trying to give myself a main focus during this time and I have chosen my health as that focus. This is both physical and mental health. This isn't being said to brag or to try and make anyone feel bad, this is just something I've been doing to help myself and it works for me. 

I try and exercise daily. The days I don't have my daughter, I go for a walk for about an hour or so. This gets me out of the house in the sun and keeps me relatively active. It's also allowed me to take some absolutely gorgeous photos of the area around me. I also do 10km on my bike every single day and bodyweight work such as squats and crunches. I don't have a set time I do this but I try to get it done after I've eaten. On top of that, about 5 days a week I will do some weights with a focus on a different body part each day. This gives me something productive to do each day even if I don't do anything else. It also lets me feel like I'm making progress with myself and that I can come out of this lockdown both physically and mentally stronger. Yes, part of it is for aesthetic reasons, but purely only for myself and not for anyone or to try and impress people. I love myself now and I want to only increase that confidence in myself.

This is all combined with relatively healthy eating. I don't follow any kind of fancy diet, I just try and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and good sources of protein. But I won't stop myself from eating treats and such that I really enjoy, because life is too short to deprive myself of these things. I'm just trying to get into good habits, sustainable eating and get a well-balanced relationship with my food so that I can hopefully take these habits with me for the rest of my life.

And yes, I have made the ever viral 달고나커피/Dalgona coffee and I have made it a lot. I tend to make it with less coffee and a little spoon of chocolate powder to make it a mocha and it is amazing. Definitely try it!

I've also spent a bunch of time watching stuff on Netflix and Youtube. On Netflix there are a tonne of K-dramas so I'm trying to get some that I've been wanting to watch for a while watched fully. I finished the drama Age of Youth / Hello My Twenties and absolutely loved it. It really made me want to live in a cute house with a bunch of female friends together. I'd highly recommend it. I also started to watching Hi Bye Mama and I'm currently on episode 6 of that, hoping to finish it in the next week or two. I watched the first episode of Itaewon Class despite hearing very mixed views from those around me about it, I haven't quite decided whether or not I'm going to fully watch it, but I'll give it a few more episodes before I make that decision. 

On YouTube, I tend to just watch a mix of things. It just really depends on my mood that day. It can be anything from true crime, healthy eating vlogs, motivation videos, workouts, *cough* Seventeen videos and the like. But I tend to watch a lot of relaxing vlogs. My favourite for vlogs at the moment is zoenotzoey as I find her What I Eat vlogs to be really motivating for healthier meals while still keep yourself balanced. Plus she's absolutely adorable. I'm also a little guilty for watching tea channels because I do like a little bit of drama as long as I'm not involved in it. 

So, other than all of that, I've just been having a chilled out time, keeping on top of my housework and spending some good quality time with my daughter. What have you guys been up to during this lockdown? Let me know and share some of your favourite things lately!

Make sure you're taking good care of yourself as best you can both in body and mind whether or not you're having to stay in or if you're having to go out to work. Just remember to keep yourself your number one priority and take some time to really put some focus on yourself. 

love, mina x


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